Margaux was Kristina's talented riding horse. She passed away in 2010 due to pregnancy complications. She was Kristina's pride and soul and will be sorely missed.


Apolla is our retired mare, who at 30 years of age will still act like a 4 year old at times. Apolla is kind and gentle. She enjoys being the supervisor of the stable.

Dandy is our lesson pony for children. He is calm, gentle and strives to please. Dandy is trained in English riding and has begun training for driving. He enjoys showing off Spanish walk, laying down, sitting and Levade on command.


Petra is energetic and expressive. Her floaty movement and quality jumping technique make her an ideal Hunter Pony.


Ocean Breeze Moonlight Minuet ("Belle") was born May 6, 2008. She is growing fast and is a quick learner. Belle is currently being trained through Natural Horsemanship.